On this floor we find 3 coupled stones or 6 milling stones. These so-called " 17der kunststenen" weigh approximately 1000 kg each.
One of the coupled stones is electrcally powered and 2 are driven by the wind. This happens by means of the "Quant" [13] wich is attached to the uppermost stone and to the great "Spur Wheel" [12].

The "Spur Wheel" turns above a big beam and carries 109 "teeth" against 31 "teeth" of milling stone.
The corn which must be milled, comes from above via the "stort- and onderkaren" in the "schudbak".

Due to the shape of the grooves in the stones, the flour gets swayed to the exterior and gets caught up by the "Casing with Stones" [14].

Via a hole in the casing, the flour falls down below by means of the Meal Spout [15] with a sack under it.
Every couple of years the stones get opened and the grooves inside become "dressed". This is called the "stenen billen".

Furthermore, a "graanpletter" (grain smasher) can also be found on this floor. This is, however, not used anymore.