Here the "hoist" [10] can be found, used for lifting/hoisting sacks to this floor. At present the hoist is electically operated. Previously, it was driven by the wind. The old "Rondsel" of the wind-driven hoist, can still be seen on this floor.

The "Main Axle" [11] turns centrally on this floor. This conveys the turning motion of the "windshaft" [5] to beneath, where the "Spur Wheel" [12] hostes the stones in motion. This "Main Axle" has a history of being ships-mast on one of the ships of Michiel de Ruyter.

A spectacular view can be seen from this floor.
One can see the dunes of Egmond aan Zee and on clear days the "glittering" of the Northsea can be observed.

In the other direction, you can see the historical citycenter of Alkmaar