This floor is not accessible to the public, but can be observed because the hatch in the floor is removed. The "Windshaft" [5] extends right through the cap. This has been pressed by the foundry "Prins van Oranje" in 1867.
The "Brakewheel" [4] has 71 teeth. These drive the "Staves Wheel" [6] 35 teeth, of the main axle.

Clearly visible are the wooden brake-pads which hinge around the "Brakewheel" [4]. This mechanism is the brake [7] of the mill and is called the "Flemish Catch".

The "Windshaft " [5] is carried on a "Bearing" [3] of 2 half-open stones and gets smeared with lard.
The teeth, however, do not get smeared. Sometimes they get treated with beeswax.

The entire cap turns on a "Luffing Gear" [8] of iron rollers. It has been re-assembled in 1976.
Before it turned on wooden rollers.